WNBA Playoffs Two Game Slate

So if you had looked at building DFS teams on the sites you have probably thought, damn, this is impossible. The fact is both these games are single elimination games. These teams are going to lean on the best players. Most of these teams will run 7 to 8 player rotations. Some of these studs may play the whole game. And there is literally zero value, none, zippo. No 4k player is going for 30 today. So how do we build?


Well my friends we embrace the zero, especially on FD. Folks, the question is would you rather play 13 points at 4.3 or zero at 3k? So let’s discuss one specific player on FD. Alanna Smith is 3k on FD because FD thinks she is out. Except she has not been ruled out yet. Now she has missed the last three games due to an ankle injury and even if she plays she might only get ten minutes. But here is the thing, you are probably going to have to embrace the 3k zero regardless of what you do, and of the 3k players she is the one that has a little potential.


So by and large I expect both these games to be close. I do like the Sun players a lot in an up tempo matchup vs Chicago. DeWanna Bonner and Alyssa Thomas are both in smash spots here. I also love all the Sun’s other pieces. Brian January is somewhat inexpensive and will play 30 minutes, and 30 minutes against Chicago is good, though I prefer finding the money to play Jasmine Thomas, who is close to a must play on DK, assuming she starts. I do like fading Hiedeman and Charles, who may be over owned by game log watchers.


Chicago – Courtney Vandersloot is a strong play. I feel she has a lower ceiling than all the other expensive guards. I like Allie Quigley a lot and think she might get up to 30 minutes here. So in the front court we have Dolson, Hebard, Parker. I suspect this being a single elimination game, that if Hebard struggles in the first five minutes or so being a rookie she might get benched for the whole game, so my favorites are Dolson and Parker here.


Phoenix – Washington

Do not be fooled by the last Phoenix game logs. They did not need that game. Sophie Cunnigham is not playing 30 minutes here. So my favorites here are Kia Vaughn and Brianna turner. Dianne Taurasi and Skylar Diggins are my favorite pivots off chalky Bonner here. Also Taurasi has a history of smashing in the playoffs. I expect her to be aggressive early. I mentioned Alanna Smith. It’s mostly a FD play. Shatori Kimborough is fine I guess. If you are looking for a GPP flier I prefer Shey Peddy.


The Mystics – Myles Hines Allen and Emma Messerman will be able to do whatever they want inside. I love both. Now beware, the Mystics are the one team you can look at their game logs to get an idea on minutes in a do or die because they just played in two games like that. I like Jackie Gemelos on FD at 3.3k. She gets 11 minutes, again I will take. Keira Leslie is fine too. It’s hard to pay up for Mystic guards here when other guards have such strong situations.


Stud rankings

Bonner>Hines-Allen>A Thomas>Taurasi>Vandersloot>Diggins>Messeman

Value: Leslie, J Thomas (DK), A Smith (FD), Vaughn, Hawkins, January, Gemelos

GPP Plays I LIke: J Thomas, Vaughn, Dolson, really you need to get the studs

Fade of the Slate: K Copper



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