What will Lambeer do?

So the Seattle-Minnesota game was canceled due to an inconclusive COVID test and DraftKings does not appear to know what to do. So this write-up will probably be Fanduel centric since DK doesn’t have pricing out.


So my review of the Seattle – Minnesota game is basically the same. I love Seattle here. Stack them all. Now FanDuel did raise Sue Bird’s price so I am not as interested. So my focus is on the front court: Breanna Stewart, Howard and Clark. Jewel Lloyd is over priced for a game where I expect Stewart and Howard to soak up all the usage.


Not a huge fan of Minnesota here. I expect Seattle to put the clamps down. Rachel Barnham is fine on Fanduel as a cheap guard. She will play about 15 minutes or so. Odyssey Sims is too cheap and she will play a ton too. I expect Fowles to play about 20 minutes or so. Not really interested in any Minnesota forwards versus Seattle.


Connecticut smashed Vegas in just a huge upset that I did not see coming. Jasmine Thomas had the game of her life. She is a strong fade on FanDuel. If DK does not raise her price I would go back to her there. If going to the Sun I prefer shots on Dewanna Bonner or Alyssa Thomas. Bonner is by far the best guard play on the slate but is tough to afford. Beatrice Momprieller got more minutes than Briona Jones and that might not be a fluke. Beatrice had been playing well recently while Jones had struggled. I like Beatrice here to get 15-20 minutes. Briann January will be on the court for 30 minutes sitting in the corner, if you are interested.


Vegas, well who knows with Lambeer here? See, the thing about Bill is he can panic at times and do really dumb things. So I think the only players with “safe” minutes tomorrow are Jackie Young, Dearica Hamby and Aja Wilson. I expect Wilson to play the whole game so I think you can lock her in. I was surprised at Angel McCourtney only getting 16 minutes last game. I like her in GPPs but the minutes are very worrying. I love Kayla McBride in GPPs. I would imagine she will still get 30 minutes and have shots to get going. Now for the Lambeer fliers; it would not stun me for Lambeer to run Danielle Robinson or the corpse of Sugar Rodgers out there for way too many minutes than they deserve. I prefer Robinson between the two. On a side note it is legit unreal to me that Sugar Rodgers is playing any time in the WNBA playoffs. She is, in a word, terrible. Carolyn Swords on FD is 3200. Just play her as she will play 10-15 minutes, which is more than any other cheap forward.


A word on FanDuel. Bria Holmes is 3k. Now we know she is not going to play and you will take a zero. But if you want to be different I think rostering her actually makes sense. She is 1k cheaper than the next guard. How many points do Barnham or Rodgers score tomorrow? 13? 15? And you can save 1.5k by going to Bria. Additionally the guard position on FanDuel sucks. There might not be a single guard who makes value at her price and if you would run forwards like : Stewie, Wilson, Thomas, Clark or something like that……..


Stud Rankings:
Wilson>Stewie>Bonner>A Thomas>Howard

Value: Sword FD, Beatrice, Barnham, Sims, Clark

Fade of the Slate: Dantas

Lock of the Slate: Stewie

GPP Plays I like: Angel, McBride, Robinson, (I think GPPs will be won by getting Vegas right), Clark, Howard, Bonner, Beatrice, Barnham, Bria Holmes

Fearless Prediction: Lambeer does something incredibly stupid


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