WNBA Game Five Showdown

So we have a do or die game 5 between the Las Vegas Aces and the Connecticut Sun. So what we can expect is for the main players to go for the full game. 


Derica Hamby is out for Vegas, so that is big.


Players I think will play the whole game:

Angel McCourtney

Aja Wilson

Kayla McBride

Alyssa Thomas

Jasmine Thomas

DeWanna Bonner

Briann January


So what we can take from this is that the Connecticut Sun are not going to play more than six players. The others to see minutes will be Briona Jones, Keira Charles and maybe Beatrice Mompremier.


Whereas with Vegas:
Carolyn Swords, Danielle Robinson and Jackie Young will see the minutes. Danielle Robinson exploded last game and kept Jackie Young on the bench. On FanDuel Carolyn Swords is way too cheap and you should just play her.


I basically think on both sites you need three of the four studs: Angel, Wilson, Bonner and Thomas. I like Jasmine Thomas and Kayla McBride a lot in GPPs as I think they get lost on this slate priced where they are and if they make their shots will have huge games. 


Stud rankings:

Value: Swords, Robinson, January, B Jones

Fade of the Slate: Angel (but if running multiple lines I would not full fade anyone)

Fearless Prediction: Sun win by 5. Lambeer does something stupid to cost his team the game




So I see that DraftKings actually put a real GPP together for today and I built a little on it. The pricing is very sharp and it’s very hard to fit 3 of the top 4, and very difficult to captain any of the top 4 and have a strong team. So DK impressions:

I think it’s big to decide whether Danielle Robinson of Jackee Young get the point guard minutes. Jackee Young is an interesting GPP captain. If she were to get big minutes she would probably be optimal. There is also a chance Lambeer benches her for Robinson, though. McCourtney and Robinson both feel over priced. Alyssa Thomas feels too cheap. I like Jasmine Thomas and Kayla McBride both a ton on DraftKings. Briona Jones is also under priced on DraftKings.

Dumpster Dives:

S Rodgers is kind of interesting. Lambeer will play her maybe 5 minutes and she could hit a three or two

K Charles or E Carson could get 4 to 5 minutes

Emma Cannon is 2K and will play about 10 minutes

Captains I like:

McBride, Young, J Thomas, A Thomas, B Jones

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