Natasha Cloud’s SJW seems to be a lot about promoting Natasha Cloud

Natasha Cloud took the year off from the WNBA to help with Social Justice. But from the looks of things Natasha Cloud appears to have taken the year off to promote Natasha Cloud under the guise of Social Justice. I know you have seen tons of articles that talk about her question for Social Justice, and how admirable she is. What all these articles tend to lack is actually evidence she is doing anything. The only thing she appears to be doing is promoting Natasha Cloud, and reporters seem more than willing to soak it up.

Here are some tweets from her timeline which gets very few interactions for such a “strong” social influencer:

Here she is promoting an interview of her:

Now about 40 tweets in a row complaining about Trump


Anyways you get the idea. Most of her tweets if they are big get 100 likes. She really isn’t doing anything, but still will have puff pieces written about her.

It would be nice if one of those articles asked her about playing in China in 2019. Did she tour the concentration camps? Did she use any of the material made with slave labor when she was there? Did she regret the decision to profit off genocide???? Oh wait, no will ask Natasha any hard questions. I guess in the end it doesn’t matter since nobody is listening to her.

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