WNBA Finals Showdown Game 1

So the WNBA finals are finally here and we get to celebrate with some Showdown. The two teams we are left with are Las Vegas and Seattle. Both are strong teams. One note: Sami Whitcomb has left the bubble and is not with Seattle, so don’t play her in Showdown. Also, for some reason it says Derica Hamby is questionable. I would be stunned if she played one game in these finals.


One other point I would make: I think in these Finals at least one of these games Seattle is going to destroy Vegas via Blowout. So if you are playing multiple lineups in Showdown, I would have a Seattle wins by 30 team in there somewhere.


Breanna is odds on to be the highest scorer on every slate. Natasha Howard had a lot of foul trouble issues last series. I would not be worried about the minutes. I like Howard a lot here. She is probably my favorite Captain on DK and is way too cheap on FD. Alysha Clark is steady. I would imagine they put her on Angel which could lead to a lot of steals. Jewel Lloyd and Sue Brid are strong plays as well. I think we are going to get a Sue Bird game sometime in these finals too. Whitcomb being out gives a bump to Epiphanny Prince as well as Jordin Canada. Prince is probably my favorite cheap play on DraftKings. Mercedes Russell will play about ten minutes, but is probably priced too high.


Aja Wilson is who everything goes through. She gets blocks, steals, everything. Now the big thing to know is who Alysha Clark is going to be on. She is by far the best defender in this series. The two candidates are Kayla McBride and Angel McCourtney.  I think it’s going to be Angel which makes me like her as a fade. McBride is a strong play. She will probably have a hot shooting game soon and Vegas started to feed her late in the Sun game. Danielle Robinson has supplanted Jackee Young as the main PG for Vegas. Now, I think Lambeer is going to try and get Young going in this series, but Jackee has been very, very bad recently. I tend to like Young in GPPs just cause no one will play her and if she plays well she would get the minutes. Carolyn Sword’s price on FD is a joke. Just play her. She is also playable on Dk. On DK another cheap play you can go with is Emma Cannon, who should see about ten minutes with Hamby out.


Stud Rankings:

GPP Plays I like: Young, Howard, Clark, Prince, Canada, McBride

Fade of the Slate: Angel

Lock of the Slate: Howard

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