When will the 2021 WNBA season start?

So 2020 was a mess of a year for the WNBA, with COVID and the bubble. Now the WNBA turns its attention to 2021 and the question on everybody’s mind is when will the 2021 WNBA season start. The NBA has already pushed back the start of their season to January and possibly February. The NBA owners are not going to want to play another season without fans in the stands, as fans produce about 25% of their revenue; revenue they are very much in need of now. The WNBA operates at a loss. That is a fact, and it operated at a massive loss this year with no fans and only fulfilling their TV contracts.

Now the WNBA season normally begins in May. There appears to be no reason it could not begin in May. The only problem could be if the WNBA does not have enough money to begin the season in May. So I will guess that the WNBA season begins about May 15th of 2021. Now an idea the WNBA may want to consider is to get out of the NBA shadow and push back the start of their season so they will not be competing with the NBA and so that the WNBA playoffs can go off without NBA competition. If that is the case ,and it would be the smarter decision, I could see the WNBA pushing back the start of the season to as far back as September or late August. So there are a lot of questions for the WNBA to answer and we will see how it goes.


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