Five Tips for New Players of WNBA DFS

So, a lot of people are going to pick up WNBA DFS this year, so I wanted to give you some simple tips and tricks for WNBA DFS. It is a somewhat unique DFS sport which requires a somewhat different approach than other DFS Sports.

So here are Five Tips for New WNBA Players

1. Information is hard to come by as is content. The only two projections are done by Rotogrinders and Awesemo, that I know of. Fair warning; Rotogrinders can be slow to update for injury news; Awesemo is better about that. As for beat writers, good luck. It will be a struggle to know who is in layup lines and what injured players are playing. Generally lineups will come out about 30 minutes before games but even that is not done regularly.

2. When you have surprise starters PLAY THEM. Sometimes you might not find out till five minutes before tip or thirty minutes. The fact is a lot of people play WNBA part time and will be focused on other sports and will not notice these lineup changes. With the distinct possibility that on any given WNBA slate you can have 2 to 3 games with surprise starters, using this info might just help you ship a GPP. Remember without beat writers lineups are not going to be known at 12 and we will not know about coaches contemplating lineup changes until the last minute.

3. The Sport WNBA DFS corresponds to the best is College Basketball DFS, so if you do well and enjoyed CBB DFS you should enjoy WNBA. CBB DFS has poor reporting and news is hard to come by. Another similarity is the coaches coach like College. Your day will be ruined when your star player picks up 2 fouls in the first five minutes because the coach will sit them for the whole first half.

4. In cash your typical construction will be to pay down at guard and pay up at forward. The forwards tend to give you a solid floor as they are all likely to get the double double bonus. The Breanna Stewarts, Naphreese Colliers,  and Aja Wilsons; these players are focal points of their teams offenses so generally speaking you want to jam them in your lineups. Now one caveat is that Sabrina Ionescu is a guard and she may change the cash paradigm when she plays as she can produce in multiple categories. 

5. Have fun. The prize pools are not going to change your life. The highest cash prize will probably be 20k all year. But it’s a fun sport and fun community. Too many DFS sports are life and death. Just relax and have some fun. And most of all, TROLL EMAC ALWAYS!! 

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