WNBA Playoffs

The WNBA playoffs begin today. A couple points: these games are single elimination playoff games. Teams are not going to play their reserves much, if at all. Bench use will be minimal, so load up on the studs.

Again value is minimal. If you have a value play go for 15 that might be enough to ship the slate. I also think both of these games should be reasonably competitive.

Satou Sabally got up to 20 minutes in her last game. On FanDuel especially, she is under priced at 5.6. I like taking shots on Sabally. 

Bria Hartley is an interesting play on this slate (that I have no doubt Walter Waddell will be all over). She is recovering from a torn ACL last year but peaked at 20 minutes last game. Now I do think Diana Taurasi is going to play. I think Hartley is going to get 10 minutes and if she plays well could see as much as 20. It’s a shot in the dark but there really isn’t much value on this slate. If you want to punt forward I guess you can play Rashanda Gray. She will play 7-8 minutes and if there is foul trouble get to like 10-15. The Onion will probably be chalky. I worry about her not getting much run or usage in a playoff situation.

So odds are one of the Chicago bigs is good. My lean is towards Azura Stevens getting that run, but Stefanie Dolson is cheap on Fanduel and probably worth a shot or two.

Phoenix to me is Griner, Diggins, Hartley or Turner. I doubt anyone else gets much usage. 

As always say no one is going to play Arike. She is going to be like 5% and could shoot 30 times today against Chicago. The reason nobody plays Arike is everyone plays Gray. it’s a simple pivot to make your lineup unique. 

Stud rankings:

Griner (she is my number one stud here by a large amount)>Parker>Diggins>Sabirna>Howard


Hartley, Gray, Nurse, Dolson


This is a tough slate. I am prioritizing Griner and planning to completely fade Natasha Howard. Remember ,the odds are no value play is scoring over 15. You will be able to win with 15 from a value if multiple studs go off.

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